An adventure in the Lakes

05 Oct An adventure in the Lakes

The stunning setting with breath taking views of Lake Windermere, stylish conference facilities with buffet lunch, followed by a team building orienteering adventure in the beautiful sunshine…Could this day for Lancaster University Faculty and Management team get any better? Well you could throw in some delicious local ice cream!


Located overlooking the rippling waters of Lake Windermere, the Belsfield Hotel in Bowness provided the perfect meeting location for the staff of Lancaster University recently and even better, the sun was out in all its glory. After a productive business meeting, this particular CBA Events client joined the Team building and Events team for an adventurous afternoon in the Lakes.


The objectives of this team away day were to bring the team together, develop their communications skills, do something physically active but not too challenging in order to cater for all ages and abilities, and lastly, to try something they hadn’t done as a team with CBA Events before. CBA took on this exciting brief and created a fun day out whilst embracing the true beauty and offerings of the local area.


The adventure started with a privately chartered launch from Bowness pier where delegates could sit back and relax uninterrupted. After a guided cruise in the traditional wooden launch, Muriel, we docked at Waterhead, Ambleside, where the rest of our team were waiting to set the group off on an orienteering trail up Jenkins Crag.

The group of 25 were split into teams and sent off to find markers located in the beautiful woodlands. Along the way, the teams would encounter bush tucker tasks including a shelter build, a non-verbal communication challenge and a cerebral task. Just to make it even more interesting, the teams were asked to answer questions which could only be answered by locating clues along the course. Each team was given a radio to effectively communicate their locations, utilising their time more efficiently. For every marker, question or task they completed, they’d receive more points to go towards their team total.

After two and a half hours scouring the woodlands for valuable points, the group came together once again and anxiously awaited their final scores. As the team boarded Muriel for their return journey, the results were announced and there was an uproar of cheers from the winning team!

They set sail with a bottle of fizz in hand and smiles from ear to ear… fun and adventure had by all and another happy client.
Written by Katie Jones, Event Manager, CBA Events. Katie was lucky enough to co-host this event – not a bad day at the office!

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